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Paper Aircraf Construction :Incredibly simple glider

Incredibly simple glider
image_paper_aircraf_incredibly_simple_gliderThis gilde ris so simple even my mother can fold one ! it’s a beaut little gilder because no matter where you are you can whip one up in no time to throw at your nearest politician. Lawyer, accountant or anyone you happen to dislike at the time !

1- Fold paper in half lengthwise. See the line of diagonal dots ? Bend one corner of youincredibly_simple_glider_construction_picr A4 sheet along that line and crease one end, A. this will establish the position of your first fold. Now fold along line AB

2- Fold sides in to meet centre crease as shown.

3- Fold nose in so that corners C and D meet edges E and F.

4- Mountain fold the glider in half.

5- Fold down the wings in roughly the same position as shown.

6- Your incredibly simple glide ris now ready to throw.

Throwing Instructions

Throw at level angle and gently.
Do not throw hard as the fold may open out. However, by applying one or more of the advanced concepts , this glider can fly faster. I’ll leave is to you to work out which concept to use.



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